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Wish #306270

Support for table backups would be a simple but useful feature for many reasons. Before doing data edit user may decide create backup of relevant table(s). It may be faster and lighter than backing up entire database.

Another case can be user editing schema for table that already contains data.

I propose to also backup table automatically before performing schema alteration using the new more powerful Alter Table feature. We'll have to test the feature for some extended time, so backing up by default is good. Moreover tables are not that big considering performance of the current hardware.

Proposed backup should be available within Tools, as a Backup Data button. There should be also Show Backups button to show existing backups for current object (if it's a table), enabling retrieving table from backup.

Backups shall be indexed by backup date and optional textual description.

Physically, table backups can be created by deep-copying a table to different name, preferable is kexi__**** so the backup is hidden even in previous Kexi versions.

Future extensions: backing up any objects and entire database.

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