Kexi/Plugins/Reports/Harmonizing with forms

Started by Jstaniek 21:26, 28 February 2011 (UTC)

The goal is to harmonize naming and UX between the Reports and Forms modules. Since Reports are younger than Forms, and Reports are effectively a much improved and integrated port of a 3rdparty software (OpenRPT) to Kexi, most proposed changes apply to Reports.

Status: planning, in progress

Form Widgets/Report Elements

  • Report's element "Image": change to "Image Box"
  • Report's element "Field": change to "Text Box"
    • for bound element, display only name, not ": textarea"
    • display [>] icon for the bound element, as in forms [1]
    • Property "Control Source": change to "Data Source"
      • Long-term UI change: move this propety to the Data Source Tab as in Forms
  • General
    • Long-term UI change: (Everywhere) Replace report's Position(X/Y);Size(Width/Height) with Geometry(X,Y,Width,Height) as in forms (use the same property editor)
    • Do not display #xxxxxx hex codes for color properties (this is technical detail)
    • "Line style" property type: display "None" translated text as the first item, instead of empty area (UX improvement, does not affect the format)
    • (Everywhere) Replace report's i18n'd property name "Horizontal Alignment" with "Hor. Alignment"
    • (Everywhere) Replace report's i18n'd property name "Vertical Alignment" with "Ver. Alignment"
    • When report element is inserted, do not mark name property as modified


  • When copy/pasting elements, paste at position of the recent right-click (as in Forms)

Long-term UI changes

  • improve usability of the report's Data Source tab

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