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Todo List

  • Fix javascript kross plugin, or disable as it seems buggy, qtscript is ok. Now loads qtscript if available and javascript is selected - 3-Jul-2010
  • KWord Export
  • KSpread Export
    • Make row colour the same as section background
  • Add more script events, such as on_load, to complement on_render.
  • Properly sync size/pos properties between the editor and the item
  • Make report entities (label/field etc) plugins, so its easier to add new ones ?
  • Maybe use flakes, or create a report 'shape' that can be embedded elsewhere
  • Add more math functions
  • Undo/Redo support
  • Dynamically adjust page margins when page units are changed
  • Clean up the mess that is the barcode generators!
  • Custom page sizes
  • When pasting items, dont allow to go below bottom of section
  • Page number/total
  • HTML Export (maybe link in with webforms)
  • --Fix to use KIO instead of QFile etc to allow saving to remote dir
  • Allow functions defined in external scripts to be called, or add a 'modules' plugin as a place for user defined functions.
  • Speed up background drawing - seems more dependant on gfx driver.... raster engine is faster than intel! Dont use antialisaing, or do use raster is the answer
  • Sorting and Grouping for the datasource in KoReportData
  • Use ODF text paragraphs for label text and allow ODF text for report values --jstaniek 13:54, 6 February 2010 (PST)
    • we could paint whatever ODF allows for a paragraph; for now some ODF attributes map exactly to QFont attrs
    • this is handled in KoCharacterStyle::saveOdf(KoGenStyle &style)
    • but at gui level editing is the problem: (we will need support in forms to enter the data, as well as support in report designer, to enter the static label text in ODF format)
  • Future Item Plugins
    • Table Item
    • Sub Report
  • Add "Visible" bool property to any report elements including sections (Jstaniek 09:10, 27 April 2011 (UTC))
  • Add 'totals caching' feature
    • if the data source has not changed, do not require to render all the pages in advance, and just render pages on demand
    • some assumptions needed: data can be modified accessed with Kexi or with Kexi-compatible means, so on modification, tables that are used as data source are marked as dirty
    • Optionally support report snapshots: render the reports to QPicture and store it via data stream to a database


  • GUI Designer
  • User Scripting
    • Javascript
    • Python
    • And any other Kross languages
    • Events
      • Report OnOpen
      • Report OnNewPage
      • Report OnComplete
      • Section OnRender
  • Controls (builtin):
    • Label
    • Field
    • Text
    • Line
    • Image
      • Static
      • Dynamic
    • Checkbox
  • Plugins:
    • Barcode
      • 3of9
      • 3of9+
      • 128
      • upc-a
      • upc-e
      • ean13
      • ean8
    • Charts
      • with linked child/master fields
  • Grouping/Sorting
    • Group headers/footers
  • Menu actions
    • Auto report: Create Tab (Actually, report wizard)
    • Auto tabular report: Report Tab, Context menu in Project Navigator for Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports (single shot)
    • Auto columnar report: Report Tab, Context menu in Project Navigator for Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports (single shot)
    • Auto flowing report: Report Tab, Context menu in Project Navigator for Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports (single shot)


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