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Design page for task Add Qt Quick-based forms.

  • Started: piggz, Jan 2014
  • Status: experimental implementation exists in kexi/plugins/quickforms, kexi_quickform_piggz branch.
  • Wish #????


Initial blog entry: [1]

Microsoft Access has powerful VBA forms allowing many tasks to be performed. Kexi forms are limited to data-bindings and macro execution. To have something as powerful as VBA it is preferential to not re-invent the wheel. QtQuick provides a extensible set of basic components, and a pwoerful scripting language that can be extended with application specific functionality.

QtQuick forms in Kexi will give us a powerful framework for allowing the user to build complex and fluid forms, backed by javascript scripting and kexi specific bindings.


  • Qt Quick-based forms do not replace QWidget-based forms but complement them.
  • They are not interchangeable and probably cannot be combined (except one can be opened using "open" action).

Use cases

  • Menu system/navigation
  • Data Entry
  • Data based application development using kexi locked-down mode


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