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See also Calligra Mobile.


Kexi Mobile (aka Kexi Go! ;) is a project to bring the leading linux desktop database to mobile platforms, concentrating initially on Maemo/N900. MeeGo for phones and tablets goes next (on in parallel).

Please contact us if you are interested in any aspect of Kexi Mobile development


Status Description Working On
DONE Set up the build environment using the guide at techbase [1] piggz
DONE Install the nokia binaries, apps and qt development packaed in scratchbox piggz
DONE Checkout KOffice piggz
DONE Install KDELibs development packages for maemo from [2]. FreOffice builds against a minimal kdelibs called libkok, but this is more complete and FreOffice is likely to switch in the future piggz
DONE Build KOffice for maemo piggz
TO DO There is no libqt4-qt3support for maemo, so it will be nescessary to port the required parts of Kexi to Qt4 (preferably all!) piggz <{{{3}}}>
IN PROGRESS Design and build the application! piggz
TO DO Abstract some kexi functions out of GUI code, such as project opening piggz <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Modify CMakeLists to create specific Mobile libs (must be all Qt4) piggz <{{{3}}}>

Kexi Qt 3 Code

Application Ideas

  • QWidget Based...fixed size 800x480
  • To maximise screen estate, have navigation buttons down the left hand side
  • The rest of the screen is for applications pages. Pages are:
    • File open page
    • Project page listing project objects that can be opened (forms/reports)
    • An 'active' object page

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