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A simple experimental implementation of a LINQ-like query language for C++ containers.
What users hate and what like about MSA 2k7
An experimental, an object oriented, semistructured Database Management System.
web-based forms, compare to kexi web forms...
Quick Reference Guides to Popular Software
good idea for koffice apps
Kexi commit RSS
Customize here
Qt Property Browser
Qt Solution similar to our KoProperty2. But at the time of writing the former we did not have access to LGPLed Qt Property Browser.
Open Source string template system based on the Django template system from the Django project
A network wrapper for SQLite
A set of Oracle to Kopi (a Java based framework) migration tools providing automatic translation of your Oracle PL/SQL, Forms and Reports applications.
An open-source multi-platform database management GUI that supports accessing most of the common database platforms in use, including Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, and ODBC.



Ribbon Designer
what's new in 'the other' GUI impl.
Theme Builder
It would be far easier to implement ODF replacement, since iunlike MSOOXML, ODF shares more styles with the same XML markup across apps. For Kexi Forms and Reports themes is a TODO as well.
Developing Access 2007 Solutions with Native C or C++
MSA 2k10 gets a kind of triggers
Netbeans GUI looks similar to Kexi 2 GUI in some aspects
Total Access Statistics 2010 for MSA 2010
Beyond generic databases...
Qtitan DataGrid
Ideas for grouping


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