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Status: UNASSIGNED, Target: 2.8/2.9, Difficulty: EASY

Proposed and mentored by Jstaniek (talk) 08:09, 11 September 2014 (UTC)

The Goal

Small (usability) improvements in Kexi Reports.

The List

Pick one from this list. Create a entry for non-trivial improvements. Use reviewboard.

  1. [2.9] Add visible "value" property to all report elements. If element has proper data source assignment, the value is ignored but otherwise it's displayed as "static" data. Example: value of boolean type for the check box
  2. [2.9] improve the placeholders for elements in design mode: translate them too. ": field" is not quite good. Consult for jstaniek for the ultimate design.
  3. [2.8] when inserting lines by single click, the object is too small.
  4. [2.9] Rename visible caption of "Check" to "Check Box", "Web" to "Web Page"
  5. [2.9] Improve appearance of report check box element of style "Dot", it currently looks like a radio button, what is misleading: [1]
  6. [2.9] Improve appearance of check box in tabular view when the value is NULL and required == false: [2] -- the "?" mark is misplaced a bit

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