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A log (Jstaniek 22:24, 21 June 2012 (BST)):

[22:59] <smitpatel> We discussed about having kexidb/predicate in database UI in words.
[23:00] <smitpatel> is kexidb/predicate an alternative to QtSql ?
[23:01] <smitpatel> I discussed implementing database UI using kexidb with gopalK but he dont agree to have kexidb dependency on words.
[23:01] <jstaniek> it is developed with for this purpose
[23:02] <smitpatel> ok. so kexi uses predicate instead of QtSql and its sql ddl statements ?
[23:02] <jstaniek> well, Words has bigger dependencies than kexidb/predicate; e.g. sqlite is far bigger
[23:02] <jstaniek> and calligralibs is big too
[23:02] <jstaniek> words depends on calligralibs which contains at least 2 kexi components already...
[23:02] <jstaniek> koreports and koproperty
[23:03] <jstaniek> I think the topic of dependencies could be put better:
[23:04] <jstaniek> bibliographic database should be packaged separately (e.g. many people do not need it)
[23:04] <jstaniek> then... kexidb dependency would not be a problem, right?
[23:04] <smitpatel> Yes. I agree. 
[23:05] <smitpatel> so it would be better for words to have lighter dependency like predicate instead of QtSql + sqlite if bibliography database is packaged separately ?
[23:05] <jstaniek> feel free to share my thoughts - I'd like to see calligra consisted of real plugins, what means: plugins should be optional like in firefox
[23:06] <jstaniek> You dont need database component in words if you dont use biblio feature, right?
[23:07] <smitpatel> yes. it's the only part which uses QtSql
[23:07] <jstaniek> if bibliography database is packaged separately, bibliography  can depend on no mater how big dependency (but again - kexidb is really small one)
[23:08] <jstaniek> if bibliography database is packaged separately - it would be the right approach I believe - then Words would be very compact as expected...
[23:09] <jstaniek> same goes to many features, e.g. mail merge, which is not used so frequently (we plan to base it on kexi)
[23:10] <smitpatel> can you point me to some documentation/code on how to use kexidb ?
[23:12] <jstaniek> you can run doxygen on the code...
[23:12] <jstaniek> and for example please look at calligra/kexi/tests/newapi/
[23:12] <smitpatel> ok :)
[23:13] <jstaniek> it's complete example, even with visual sample (table view - but table view requires kexi)
[23:14] <jstaniek> if you start with using kexidb and you're satisfied, I would move it to calligra libs
[23:15] <jstaniek> for now you could just compile kexi and grab the
[23:15] <jstaniek> it requires for now too
[23:15] <jstaniek> but nothing more
[23:17] <jstaniek> Thus, and you save a lot of code that's needed when developing with QtSql, like db creation
[23:17] <jstaniek> and thus FOR FREE you'd open the database with kexi, now, and any future version.
[23:18] <jstaniek> I am assuming in the future integration for bibliography would be one of template databases in kexi itself - a kind of advanced biblio manager that users could customize if needed, e.g. to create reports...
[23:20] <smitpatel> bibliography module in kexi itself is a great idea. :)
[23:21] <jstaniek> yes... I'm not scientists but I regularly use bibliography in my research docs at Samsung...
[23:22] <jstaniek> regarding "so kexi uses predicate instead of QtSql and its sql ddl statements ?" - kexi uses libkexidb; libPredicate is next gen kexidb (kexidb trunded into a qt-only lib)
[23:23] <jstaniek> and yes, kexidb creates DDL statements automatically 
[23:23] <jstaniek> for given database backend

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