Kexi/File a bug or wish

You contribute by testing Kexi or its components or filing wishes for improvements or new features. We are confident that your experience can help us to deliver a better product!

Reporting new bugs or wishes

Use the KDE Bug Tracking System (also known as Bugzilla):

You can also Donate to receive priority fixes and improvements features.


These are the advices that help get faster and more accurate response.

  • Before reporting, the system may show you similar bugs if there are any
  • Carefully read advices on the wizard's pages
  • Specify your operating system version and application's version
  • Attach an example file or paste a link to it if the file is large
  • Attach screen shots if this helps to explain better

Read the detailed rules.

In case of crashes

If the application or library crashes then the Dr Konqi utility will appear and guide you through the process of reporting the crash. Learn more by reading how to create useful crash reports.


In addition to reporting new bugs or wishes you can help by verifying if the current bug reports and wishes are up-to-date and complete. Use the KDE’s bugs tracker.

See how to help with testing: Bugsquad page on KDE Techbase.

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