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This page documents current status for compatibility of KEXI 3 with earlier versions of KEXI.

Compatibility with KEXI 2

Status for KEXI 3.0 and 3.1. KEXI offers the same list of features as KEXI 2 and uses the same format for .kexi files and server projects (MySQL, PostgreSQL). Exceptions (status for 3.1):

  • no scripting (in KEXI 2 it was present as experimental), we plan to deliver brand new JavaScript support (without web browser overhead)
  • "map" report elements: not supported until KEXI 3.1
  • "map" form widgets: not supported

Further KEXI version would, of course, get new features not present in KEXI 2.

Like most older KEXI version, KEXI 3 has no official support for server projects other than MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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