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[[Image:koffice-logo-kexi.png|88px|right]]This is a place of development documents for the Kexi 2.x series, used instead of the [http://www.kexi-project.org/wiki/wikiview/ old wiki] that is blocked for now. --[[User:Jstaniek|Jstaniek]] 12:15, 11 April 2008 (PDT)
*For starters: [[Calligra/Wiki editing hints|Wiki editing hints]]
*Kexi within [[Calligra]]: http://www.calligra-suite.org/kexi
*[[/Releases/]] - pages used during the development of Kexi 2.x
*[[/Porting/]] to Qt 4/KDElibs 4
*[[/KexiDB Drivers/]]: [[/KexiDB Drivers/xBase|xBase]], [[/KexiDB Drivers/Oracle|Oracle]], [[/KexiDB Drivers/PostgreSQL|PostgreSQL]]
*[[/Plugins/]]: [[/Plugins/Reports/]]
*[[/Links/]] to interesting projects and competition
==Older topics==
*[[/Web Forms/]]

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