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Different efforts are currently being led to make building Kdenlive on Microsoft Windows possible.

Cross compiling on GNU/Linux using MXE

git clone https://anongit.kde.org/kdenlive.git # not already done?
git clone https://github.com/vpinon/mxe.git
cat >mxe/settings.mk <<EOF
MXE_TARGETS := x86_64-w64-mingw32.shared.posix
override MXE_PLUGIN_DIRS += plugins/multimedia plugins/kdeframeworks plugins/apps
kdenlive_SOURCE_TREE := $PWD/kdenlive
cd mxe
make kdenlive
make gdb # useful in case of crash: look for kdenlive PID in task manager, start gdb, run "attach PID"

Porting the MLT framework to CMake

To be able to compile Kdenlive with MSVC (Microsoft Visual C++ compiler and libraries toolset). (Elie).

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