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Kdenlive's appliction-wide persistent settings are stored in the following locations, depending on your platform.


~ means your home folder.

  • ~/.config/kdenliverc : contains the general settings of the application
  • ~/.config/session/kdenlive_104534dcfdb61d887154xxxxxxxxxxx_154yyyyyy_98zzzz : temporary session info
  • ~/.cache/kdenlive : contains the cached files. If you can't load previous Kdenlive project delete the content.
  • ~/.local/share/kdenlive
  • ~/.local/share/stalefiles/kdenlive
  • ~/.local/share/kxmlgui5/kdenlive/kdenliveui.rc : contains UI configuration
  • ~/.local/share/kdenlive/.backup : automatic created backups


  • ~/.config/kdenlive-appimagerc : contains the general settings of the application


  • %AppData%\kdenlive\
  • %LocalAppData%\kdenlive\
  • %LocalAppData%\kdenliverc : contains the general Kdenlive settings
  • %LocalAppData%\kxmlgui5\kdenlive\kdenliveui.rc : contains UI configuration, if your UI is broken, delete this file

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