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(Remove everything which should not be shown in the KCM)
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**<del>Highlight window</del> (Reason: helper effect)
**<del>Highlight window</del> (Reason: helper effect)
**scale in
**scale in
**<del>windowgeometry</del> (Reason: helper effect)
**wobbly windows
**wobbly windows

Latest revision as of 12:11, 12 January 2012

These are the new categories for the redesign of kwin's kcm. (terietor here,because I am no expert please feel free to correct me :))

NOTE: the @foo effect means that only one of the sub effects can be activated at a time,

  • accessibility ok

  • focus change it to "window scene effects" and modify its contents
    • dialog parent
    • dim inactive
    • dim screen for administration mode
    • slide back
    • blur
    • dashboard
    • login
    • logout
    • mouse mark
    • sheet
    • sliding popups (Reason: helper effect)
    • taskbar thumbnails (Reason: helper effect)
    • thumbnail aside
    • translucency

  • tools ok

  • candy change it to "Helper effects" and modify its contents to
    • outline (Reason: helper effect)
    • startup feedback (Reason: helper effect)

  • Window management ok but reorganize its contents
    • @Switch (Reason: should be configured from tabbox kcm)
      • Box
      • Cover
      • Flip
    • Present windows
    • slide (Reason: should be configured from desktop switch animation)

  • Desktop Management new category
    • Desktop cube
    • Desktop cube animation (Reason: should be configured from desktop switch animation)
    • Desktop grid
    • fade desktop (Reason: should be configured from desktop switch animation)
    • screenshot (Reason: helper effect)

  • Window eyecandy new category
    • @minimize
      • magic lamp
      • minimize animation
    • @close
      • explosion
      • fall apart
      • glide?????
    • Resize window
    • fade
    • Highlight window (Reason: helper effect)
    • scale in
    • windowgeometry (Reason: helper effect)
    • wobbly windows

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