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For some background information about KConfigXT in general, please have a look at the previous project KWin/KConfigXT_Effects.

In this project the task is just to create the XML markup for one group in the configuration. The groups are listed below. If you want to work on it, please claim it by adding yourself to the contact information.

Most of the configuration values can be found in the source file options.cpp in the sections "loadConfig()" and "reloadCompositingSettings". Settings are normally read for a group. The groups can be recognized by a call like

config = KConfigGroup(_config, "MouseBindings")

The name of the configuration key is always the first parameter to a "readConfig" call and the default is the second parameter. Some default values are hardcoded in the call, but most are provided through a defaultFoo method which provides the default value. All those methods are implemented in the source file options.h. The configuration for the two TabBox groups can be found in tabbox/tabbox.cpp in section "reconfigure" and "loadConfig". The configuration for Desktops is in virtualdesktops.cpp section "load".

If possible provide the new XML as an update to the existing kcfg file on review board. But links to paste services or similar are also totally fine.


Status Group Review Board Claimed By
DONE Windows 108347 <[email protected]>
DONE ElectricBorders 108347 <[email protected]>
DONE MouseBindings 108347 <[email protected]>
DONE Compositing 108347 <[email protected]>
DONE TabBox 108345 <[email protected]>
DONE TabBoxAlternative 108345 <[email protected]>
DONE Desktops 108345 <[email protected]>

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