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Default Options for KWin 4.9

How to Help

Help us finding better default options for KWin 4.9. For that all you need is a 4.8 installation configured with KDE default settings (for example a new user account). Just use it and report issues here for what can be improved. Please add a section for your suggestion and provide a rational why you think there could be a better default option. It would be really great if you could also name which config keys need to be changed. You can easily find these in your kwinrc file in ~/.kde/share/config/.

Proposed Changes

Activate Desktop Change OSD and Desktop Grid on upper right screen edge


By default KWin uses only one virtual desktop. So even if the Desktop Change OSD and Desktop Grid on right upper screen edge is enabled it does not have any consequences for a user with default settings. But a user who wants to use virtual desktops gets a better configured system for virtual desktops without having to perform changes at many places.

Config Changes

metadata.desktop file for desktop change OSD script needs to be enabled by default and in Effect-DesktopGrid group the BorderActivate config key has to be set.

Review Request




Proposed By

Martin Gräßlin <mgraesslin [at] kde [dot] org>


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