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KWin/Changelog 5


  • new environment variable KWIN_DBUS_SERVICE_SUFFIX


  • new binary kwin_wayland
  • kwin_wayland supports starting the X-Server it needs to connect to
  • Wayland (client) connection is hold in a thread
  • use of libepoxy
  • use of atlas texture for window decorations in OpenGL compositor
  • support for EGL_EXT_platform_x11 and EGL_EXT_platform_wayland


  • Code base uses C++11
  • Port to Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5
  • Support for "native" graphics system in Qt got removed
  • DBus interface got cleaned up, deprecated methods are removed
  • New Window Switcher mode which puts thumbnails into a sidebar
  • New Background Contrast Effect
  • Lanczos Filter does no longer check the graphics effects level
  • Libkdecoration received cleanup and various new API features
  • kwin_gles does not exist any more, KWin follows Qt's OpenGL choice
  • Window Decoration configuration module can render interactive previews for QWidget based decorations (e.g. Oxygen)
  • Window Decoration (and Alt+F3 menu) can follow the color scheme from the decorated window
  • Window Specific Rule to specify the color scheme for the window decoration of a given window
  • KWin effects specify an URL to a demo video (used by new effect configuration module)
  • Client uses QIcon instead of set of QPixmap for the window's icon
  • Better support for windows of type notification
  • Built-in effects are no longer provided as a plugin, but linked against KWin
  • KWin is kept responsive while the effects are getting loaded
  • Wayland backend for the XRender scene
  • QPainter based compositor for Wayland
  • Better detection on when KWin should use Wayland
  • Compositing gets enforced in Wayland mode
  • Support for Client showing on ScreenEdge, see KWin/Screen_Edges
  • KDecorations installs a KDecorationsConfig.cmake
  • Removed build option KWIN_MOBILE_EFFECTS
  • Removed build option KWIN_BUILD_SCRIPTING
  • on all desktop window decoration button is only shown if at least two virtual desktops
  • Removed taskbar thumbnails effect
  • Removed OpenGL 1 (legacy) support (including build option KWIN_BUILD_OPENGL_1_COMPOSITING)
  • Outline uses QtQuick
  • Config option to switch between GLX and EGL
  • Only one DBus service: "org.kde.KWin"
  • DBus object /TabBox is no longer exported
  • TabBox does no longer support the embedded mode
  • Binary renamed to kwin_x11
  • kwincompositing KCM got replaced by a new kwineffects kcm which just configures all the effects and by a new kwincompositing kcm which just configures the compositor.

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