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Q I see the error message "--> tp-qt4 0.5.14 WARN: GetAll(AccountManager) failed with "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown"

A You have not installed all the dependencies correctly. KDE Telepathy relies on a daemon to be running called telepathy-mission-control-5. This should be available in your package manager already. You will also probably want telepathy-gabble, telepathy-butterfly, telepathy-haze which provide access to jabber/MSN/libpurple respectively.

Q My passwords aren't being saved.

A You need to install gnome-keyring.

Q Gnome Keyring???

A Yes, it's not KDE that saves the passwords that's done by our backend daemon (telepathy) therefore it's the solution that makes sense.

Q Something Something KWallet?

A We have no plans to support it, it's not a viable thing to do. However: Gnome and KDE people are working on a shared storage solution called secretservice.

Q Nothing happens when I try and start a chat with someone from the contact list.

A It could be one of three causes.

Have you installed the telepathy-chat-handler? If not install it.

If you have installed it since starting a telepathy component there is a good chance that the daemon (mission-control) will have started, any channel handlers installed since then are not recognised. Simply log out and back in again to fix it (or restart mission-control-5)

Do you compile and install your programs to a non standard directory (/usr,/usr/local)? The chat-handler (like other parts of Telepathy) is Dbus activated, when the dbus method is called dbus itself finds the correct application to handle it and launches it. However it cannot do this if dbus does not know about the application. You need to make sure yourinstalldir/share/dbus-1/services/* is copied to /usr/share/dbus-1/services.

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