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This page lists the current state of the KDE Telepathy applications porting to Telepathy-Qt0.5

Name Status Branches
Telepathy Accounts KCM Done in master
Telepathy Accounts KCM Plugins Done in master
Telepathy Approver N/A (written with 0.5)
Telepathy Call UI Done in master
Telepathy Chat Handler Done in master
Telepathy Contact List Rewritten in Martin branch ???
Telepathy KDE Not ported ???
Telepathy Launcher KDED Not needed
Telepathy Nepomuk Service Done in master
Telepathy Presence Applet Being rewritten to QML - No port needed as it depends solely on the dataengine
Telepathy Presence Dataengine Done in master
Telepathy Testlib Done in master
Kopete Protocol Telepathy Not ported (low priority)
KWhiteboard not ported needs some extra qt patch... sidelined for the moment
krfb Done in trunk. r1221586
krdc Done in trunk. r1221586

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