Non-Global Presence

Currently if an account is online and another is 'busy' or even offline everything breaks. I want things not to be broken.

What's broken


The KDED currently tracks global presence state. If one account is manually set to busy, and another online if you auto-away then return, both end up restoring to the original highest state of presence.

The presence plasmoid

This only shows global presence

The contact list?

This initially only shows global presence, but the tooltip does indeed list the state of each account.


We need to:

  • Fix the kded to work on an individual account basis.
  • Work out how to display "your accounts are all over the place" in the presence-plasmoid etc.
  • Work out how to set different accounts from the different interfaces?


drdanz: We could add an icon user-mixed (something like user-mixed.png ). The global presence will return this icon if not all the accounts have the same presence When we have presence based on activity we can return the activity icon instead (perhaps with some overlay, otherwise the user won't understand what is the icon for)

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