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== Non-Global Presence ==
Currently if an account is online and another is 'busy' or even offline everything breaks. I want things not to be broken.
=== What's broken ===
==== KDED ====
The KDED currently tracks global presence state. If one account is manually set to busy, and another online if you auto-away then return, both end up restoring to the original highest state of presence.
==== The presence plasmoid====
This only shows global presence
==== The contact list?====
This initially only shows global presence, but the tooltip does indeed list the state of each account.
=== Tasks ===
We need to:
* Fix the kded to work on an individual account basis.
* Work out how to display "your accounts are all over the place" in the presence-plasmoid etc.
* Work out how to set different accounts from the different interfaces?

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