Upstream upgraded from Farsight 0.1 to Farsight 0.2

Farsight is a library that manages codec negotiation in telepathy calls.

Farsight 0.1 is built against GStreamer0.10 Farsight 0.2 is built against GStreamer1.0

Farsight 0.1 is old and broken.

In order for us to use Farsight 0.2 we need GStreamer1.0 which means we need QtGStreamer 1.0


Install QtGStreamer from X Branch Y Recompile TpQt from X Branch Y

- add the additional patches from the mailing list where Dave fixes things

Recompile ktp-call-ui branch gst-1.0-port

Work that needs doing

Status Action Notes Developer
TODO Patch TpQt None <[email protected]>

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