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Icons that are used in telepathy

Icon name Have oxygen icon? Have kopete icon? Notes
im-aim Yes Yes
im-gadugadu Yes Yes oxygen icon is im-gadu-gadu. Needs rename.
im-icq Yes Yes
im-jabber Yes Yes
im-msn Yes Yes
im-qq Yes Yes
im-yahoo Yes Yes
im-skype Yes Yes
im-google-talk Yes No
im-facebook Yes No
im-irc No Yes
im-local-xmpp No Yes
im-groupwise No Yes
im-sip No No
im-mxit No No
im-silc No No
im-myspace No No
im-zephyr No No
im-sametime No No
im-yahoojp No No If haze renamed the icon to im-yahoo-jp, KIcon would fall back to im-yahoo and it would work...

Icons that we have but don't need

Icon name Source
im-meanwhile kopete
im-google oxygen
im-twitter oxygen
im-identi.ca oxygen

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