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Plasma Active

Active client is maintained at https://projects.kde.org/projects/playground/network/telepathy/ktp-active

Getting Set Up


It is still in playground so to some extent anything goes; anything that affects ktp-common-internals MUST go through the normal review process.

Anything in the declarative plugin should not be application specific.


Right now the only focus is on basic text chats.

Things essential for release:

* SASL Auth Handler
* Add/Remove accounts
* 1-1 text chat.


Web accounts

  • Check whether Plasma-Active is using Online Accounts.
  • Pester afiestas into making the patches he promised to do in the auth handler.
  • If so we can use the current auth handler
  • Otherwise we'll need to make our own auth handler
  • (if we do the above, fix and upstream TpQt patches for SASLChannel)

Make contact list show last message received, and active conversations at the top

  • Update TextChannelWatcherProxyModel to keep last message
  • update ContactsFilterModel to allow sorting by HasChannel
  • update ContactsFilterModel to take a list of sort roles
  • then update the ContactsModel to show this

Show presence controls

  • Export GlobalPresence class to QML
  • Add a way to control this in the UI

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