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Plasma Active

At some point we should do something for plasma active.

Mockup available here:

Tasks Done

  • Make a declarative plugin that shows a contact list
  • Make a declarative plugin that has a message model


  • Make a contact model that is also an approver/observer for unread message counts and stuff (also use this in our plasmoid (and even main CL)
  • Make a new plasma component for Text Chat that scales up nicely to a big screen.
  • Make a sexy plasma app
  • Expose video stuff to QML.

Plasma Declarative Plugins structure

Eventually I want the following layout

org.kde.telepathy.core (core stuff: message model, contact list model, avatar imageprovider, accounts model, globalPresence)

org.kde.telepathy.contactlist (entry point for the contact list, very app specific)

org.kde.telepathy.chatplasmoid (entry point for the chat plasmoid, very app specific i.e (conversations-model))

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