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- Where do we want to be in n years.

We can all share and present our potentially crazy dreams, ideas and goals. This should probably be done in the evening on the sofa with some beers :)

- Boosting development.

Development has slowed a bit in recent months we need this to pick up, some new people and some of the existing devs to step into maintainership roles maybe?

- KF5 Porting, Tp 1.0 Porting

How do we manage these two at once? What impact will each have? What timeframes are we looking at?

- Preload the contact list

See https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=332497. I'm massively against, but I'm very intrigued where the slowdown is. valgrind showed me nothing; it could be waiting on akonadi.?

Mini project ideas:

- Getting our entire stack compiled and running on Telepathy 1.0
  This means a bit of work in TpQt, and getting all this ready to be

merged upstream into a branch

- KDE Frameworks porting. Getting our applets up and running on Plasma Next
- Pimping the Call UI.
  Our Call UI looks like it's from the late 90s. I want it pimped and

to be a central feature of our next release anouncement .

  Thomas and including the VDG would be good here. Can people please

install QtGstreamer1.0 before the sprint (http://community.kde.org/KTp/Tasks/NewCallUI) so we can do some testing.

- Writing unit tests and merging the serverside bindings upstream and

making a TpQt release

  This will be about as exciting as it sounds.
- KDE Connect SMS support.
  For the task above we'll be writing a basic CM for the Tp examples

folder with signals for new messages being sent and a slot for sending. From here it would be a good base for someone to maybe add this (hint?)

- Better group chat support
  I've heard people from two corporations now say KTp sucks for

jabber conference rooms.

  I want _everyone_ here to create a kdetalk.net account and join me

in [email protected] for the duration of the sprint. Then we can see what sucks, and try and fix it.

- Now Playing / KDED Module rewrite
  I am sick of this 300 line bit of code is constantly having bugs

after bugs and hundreds of people poke it.

- Profiling startup times.
- Bug fixing.

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