Release Testing for X.Y-rc1

(NOTE, change the above version number!)

When you have run something against the version which passes please add --~~~~ to the Tested By column (or press the signature button in the toolbar)

Component Test Tested By
ktp-accounts-kcm Add a new account
ktp-accounts-kcm Change icon for an account
ktp-accounts-kcm Change display name for an account
ktp-presence-applet Add a contact
ktp-contact-list Add a contact
ktp-kded-module Receive and accept a contact request
ktp-presence-applet Change presence through the presence plasmoid
ktp-text-ui Chat to two people using the chat plasmoid
ktp-contact-list Try Full, Normal and Compact view in the contact list
ktp-contact-runner Start a chat with krunner
Select a contact with the contact-applet
Start a chat via contact-list-applet
ktp-text-ui Have a conference text chat
ktp-text-ui Open a log for a contact via text-ui
Set a custom message on now playing and use it. Change presence whilst using
ktp-send-file Send a file from Dolphin
ktp-send-file File preview is displayed correctly
ktp-send-file The list of contacts is displayed correctly
ktp-send-file Filter works
ktp-filetransfer-handler Success in sending a large file
ktp-filetransfer-handler Success in receiving a large file
ktp-text-ui Install an Adium theme using adiumxtra protocol

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