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Update repos

$ for i in ktp-* telepathy-logger-qt; do cd $i; git fetch origin; git checkout master; git merge origin/master; cd ..; done

Create new branches

$ for i in ktp-* telepathy-logger-qt; do cd $i; git checkout -b kde-telepathy-0.4; cd ..; done

Sanity checking

Copyright checking

  • Verify that the repository has a COPYING file in the top level directory with the correct license.
  • Verify that cmake/modules/COPYING-CMAKE-SCRIPTS exists.
  • Verify that all the files have a proper license header and that their license is that of the COPYING file or a compatible one:

$ git clone git://anonscm.debian.org/users/modax/copyright-helper.git
$ cd copyright-helper

And for each repository:

$ ./copyright-helper.pl -sc -l ../path/to/repository

Verify versions

  • Manual process for the moment...

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