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KTp/Getting Set Up

These instructions assume that you already know how to build KDE stuff from source. It just provides a list of what you need to checkout and build, and how to run it.


You will need a working Nepomuk on your system (strigi indexer not required to be on, but Nepomuk must be enabled), with the virtuoso backend.

You will also need to install several cross-desktop Telepathy components. Packages of the following from your distribution should do fine.

  • telepathy-mission-control-5
  • telepathy-gabble (for Jabber support)
  • other Telepathy connection managers if you want to try out other protocols


The prerequisite for all the Telepathy stuff to build is the TelepathyQt4 library. The source code for this is available here. Your distribution may package it, in which case you need version >= 0.2.2. Be careful not to confuse it with the telepathy-qt library which used to be in kdesupport SVN. This is *completely* different and in no way compatible.

If you are building your own copy of TelepathyQt4, clone the git repository linked above, and use the usual autotools method to build and install it.

KDE Telepathy library : libktelepathy

Needed to build the contact list application.

Source code is here.

git clone git://git.kde.org/telepathy-kde.git

This can be compiled and installed by the usual KDE build procedure.

Telepathy Accounts KCM

The next thing to get set up is the Telepathy Accounts KCM. This is the UI for account management.

Source code is here.

git clone git://git.kde.org/telepathy-accounts-kcm.git

This can be compiled and installed by the usual KDE build procedure.

You will also want the plugins for this app, found at here.

git clone git://git.kde.org/telepathy-accounts-kcm-plugins.git

Presence Plasmoid and Dataengine

In order to bring accounts on/offline you will need the Presence Plasmoid and its data engine. These are in svn here and here.

svn co svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/playground/base/plasma/applets/presence svn co svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk/playground/base/plasma/dataengines/presence

Integration Daemon

This daemon integrates Telepathy with Nepomuk, which is required by the Contact List application. Code is in git here

git clone git://git.kde.org/telepathy-nepomuk-service.git

Contact List App

This application provides a traditional contact-list, similar to the one provided by Kopete. Code is in git here

git clone git://git.kde.org/telepathy-contact-list.git

Chat window App

This application provides a text chat window. Code is in git here

git clone git://git.kde.org/telepathy-chat-handler.git

Call window App

This application provides a voice/video chat window. Code is in git here

git clone git://git.kde.org/telepathy-call-ui.git

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