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Project logo Welcome to the
KDE Telepathy Development Wiki
Current Version: 23.07.70

Open Hub project report for KDE Telepathy

Who can be a contributor?

This project needs coders, designers, artists, testers, documentation writers. To help out, get in touch, tell us how you're interested in helping.

Contacting the developers




Main page: Instructions

Before you start playing with/hacking on the Telepathy integration stuff, you need to have the latest version compiled and working.

First steps

The best way to get involved is to start working on some "junior jobs". These are small bugs or features that exist in our applications that are a good way to get to learn the code, and learn our workflow process.

A list of junior jobs can be found here.

If you want to work on any of those, get in touch!

Recommended Reading


If you want to work on a feature, start by cloning the git repository from the KDE Invent server. Then create a new branch in the cloned directory and start working there. Try to keep your commits atomic (small and meaningful). Once you are finished working on a single bug or feature, push the branch in your cloned repository back to the KDE Invent server (under your own account) and then use the web interface to create a Merge Request back to the official repository before asking someone on the developer team to review it. Once it is reviewed, you may be asked to make further changes, but once all concerns are addressed it will be merged into the codebase.

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