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KTp/Getting Involved

Setting Up

Before you start playing with/hacking on the Telepathy integration stuff, you need to have the latest version compiling and working: Instructions

Contacting Us


#kde-telepathy channel on irc.freenode.net


mailing list.

First Steps

The best way to get involved is to start on some "junior jobs". These are small bugs or features that exist in our applications that are a good way to get to learn the code, and learn our workflow process

A list of junior jobs can be found here.

If you want to work on any of those, get in touch!

Recommended Reading



If you want to work on a feature, clone the git repository on the server side and then clone your personal clone on your local machine. Make a new git branch and start working there. Try to keep commits small and meaningful. Once you are finished, push the branch on your server-side clone and ask someone of the team to review it. Once it is reviewed, you can merge it on the master repository (or ask someone else to merge it).

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