KTp/GSoC2013 Ideas

Google Summer of Code 2013 Ideas


See also KTp/GSoC2012_Ideas for last years ideas.

Give some love to KRFB

This could involve bits of (better) telepathy integration.

Kick-ass demo of tubes.

I ideally want my collaborative editor plugin in kate. To make us more than just "another IM client."

I think I've seen this idea before, more than once, and it turned out to be more complicated than we thought...
I don't know... Now we have d-bus tubes, of course, which may change things. -- George K.
We've discussed it lots, but AFAIK no-one has ever tried. It is tricky, but it is a well documented problem with
/lots/ of reference code. (just none directly in Qt).
I've seen a javascript implementation of the hard part in under 500 lines (does plain text only). I'd be happy if
the student just took it and wrapped it up in QtScript... -- David

Plasma Active

3 more months on that would make a real difference. I can't see it moving forwards without someone really stepping up. We can probably get someone from Plasma to co-mentor. I'll have all the declarative plugins all nice and awesome by then.

Unit testing our library

I'm not sure anyone would want to do that. Partly because it's boring, and partly because unit testing something with dbus stuff is very hard.

Maybe... For some people (like me), this could be very interesting as well... -- George K.

Stabilization of the library

Unit tests, cleanup, api review, documentation and stuff like that. This project might also include porting to Qt5 + KDE Frameworks and make it ready to be a KDE framework itself...

TpQt CM bindings

Crazy idea Could we get a student to work on TpQt and finish the CM bindings? I had a look, and quite a bit is done... the code is not /that/ hard.

Awesome idea too, given that I doubt anybody will ever do that work otherwise, and might also give us a
new maintainer for telepathy-qt. But it requires quite some skills... -- George K.
And a guy here who knows TpQt very well. It would need you, Dario, or someone at Collabora (Andrunko?)
on board for this to happen. Collabora have been part of GSOC before, so they might be happy to invest
time to mentor. -- David
If we find a good student, I think that could be arranged. For the moment, I volunteer to be the contact for
any student that wishes to discuss this idea. -- George

Activities and KTp + Non-Global Presence

Nepomuk and KTp

file transfer metadata, tagging chats, rating for accounts/contacts, whatever comes into the student's mind

Desktop files for services

(Dan already implemented part of this, we still need actions based on the installed files, and perhaps more)

Work on call ui

KTp KIO Slave

KTp and Zeitgeist

Interested in being mentors

  • David
  • George K.
  • Martin
  • Daniele

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