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Where and When

  • When: Wednesday 14th September to Sunday 18th September 2011
  • Where: Collabora Offices, Cambridge, UK

Sprint venue/internet connection/pizza/drinks sponsored by Collabora

More information at https://sprints.kde.org/sprint/13


The KDE-Telepathy Sprint (now called Woshibo) lasted 3 days it total. Developers had the chance to be brought together in the same place, to discuss, make decisions, write new code, implement new features, fix bugs and have fun working on the project. This sprint had a quite big agenda, thus a lot of things were brought into discussion.



  • telepathy-logger
    • possibly use text from the logger in the text-ui
  • call ui
  • plasmoids
    • plasma-active integration
    • discuss chat plasmoids (I think all people involved, d_ed, fernando and nwoki all have different visions)
    • conversation models for the qml text ui
  • tubes
    • status of tubes apis in tp-qt4
    • krfb & krdc integration
  • nepomuk integration
    • status of nepomuk service / nepomuk-enabled contact list
    • nepomuk action files
    • metadata sharing service
  • central kded service
    • approver
    • disconnection messages
    • handle subscription requests
  • get stuff in spec/mc/tp-qt4
    • network manager integration
    • global presence
    • refcounting clients
    • method to set preferred handlers in mc
  • auth handler
  • random (ask Gkiagia)
    • preloading
    • FooConfig.cmake
    • libexec
    • repositories / tarballs layout
  • filetransfer handler
    • testing and bug fixing
    • config dialog
    • popup notifications
  • ssl errors handler


  • Produced new code
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Implemented new features
  • Discussed and made decisions regarding:
    • Nepomuk
    • Licensing
    • CMake
    • Git
    • Logo and missing icons
    • Libraries/git submodules
    • GStreamer and Farsight
    • Chat UI Plugins

List of features decided for 0.2



Name Nickname Group
David Edmundson Telepathy
Dario Freddi drf__ Telepathy
Francesco Nwokeka nwoki Telepathy
Martin Klapetek mck182 Telepathy
Daniele E. Domenichelli drdanz Telepathy
George Kiagiadakis gkiagia Telepathy
Olli Salli oggis Telepathy
George Goldberg grundleborg Telepathy
Andre Magalhaes andrunko Telepathy
Dominik Schmidt domme Telepathy
Vishesh Handa vHanda Telepathy
Lasath Fernando shocklateboy92 Telepathy

Event Reports