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  • When: Wednesday 14th September to Sunday 18th September 2011
  • Where: Collabora Offices, Cambridge, UK

Sprint venue/internet connection/pizza/drinks sponsored by Collabora

More information at https://sprints.kde.org/sprint/13


Arriving by Train

Train is by far the easiest way to get from London to Cambridge, and there are also trains to London from several cities in mainland Europe.

Trains from Mainland Europe

All trains from mainland Europe arrive at London St Pancras station. This is located next door to London Kings Cross station from where the trains to Cambridge depart. Follow the signs for "National Rail Services (Kings Cross Station)" to get there from St Pancras, and then follow the instructions in the #Train_from_Central_London_to_Cambridge section.

Train from Central London to Cambridge

Trains run throughout the day from Kings Cross Station to Cambridge. Avoid trains that make many stops on the way since typically the non-stop trains departing after them still get to Cambridge first. Non-stop trains run at 30 min intervals throughout most of the day and take ~45 minutes to get to Cambridge.

Train tickets in the UK are notoriously complicated with many different priced tickets available all with their own confusing restrictions on which trains they are valid on. Unless you are taking a train leaving Kings Cross before 09:44 then you should be OK with an "Off Peak" ticket. If you are taking an earlier train, you will need a more expensive "Anytime" ticket. If in doubt, ask the ticket office staff, or the staff manning the turnstiles and they should be able to help you know which ticket is needed for a particular train.

It is always much cheaper to buy a return ticket (which in the case of "Off Peak" and "Anytime" tickets are valid for a return journey up to 1 month away - plenty of time) than to buy a Single ticket each time you travel.

Arriving by Plane

The best way to get to Cambridge is to travel to London Stansted airport. There are many budget flights to this airport and it is located outside of London but very close to Cambridge. If you can't fly to Stansted, then London Heathrow, London City and London Gatwick airports can also be used (in that order of preference for convenience of getting to Cambridge).

London Stansted Airport

From London Stansted airport there is a direct train to Cambridge Station, running at least once per hour throughout the day, taking between 30 and 50 minutes. If you are traveling back via the same airport, it is generally cheaper to buy a return ticket rather than a single ticket each time you travel.

London Heathrow Airport

In order to get to Cambridge from Heathrow, you first need to cross London. The cheap way to take the Underground (Piccadilly Line) from Heathrow to Kings Cross St Pancras Station (about 1 hour 10 minutes), before following the instructions in the #Train_from_Central_London_to_Cambridge section.

Alternatively, there are buses from Heathrow direct to Cambridge but these are generally a slower and more expensive way to get there.

Other London Airports

If you arrive at London City airport, you should take the Docklands Light Railway to Bank and then the London Underground (Northern Line) to Kings Cross St Pancras, before following the instructions in the #Train_from_Central_London_to_Cambridge section.

If you arrive at London Gatwick, you will need to take the Gatwick Express train to London Victoria Station, then the London Underground (Victoria Line) to Kings Cross St Pancras before following the instructions in the #Train_from_Central_London_to_Cambridge section.

Time Plan

  • Wednesday - arrive, socialise
  • Thursday - Planning/Discussing/Hacking
  • Friday - Planning/Discussing/Hacking
  • Saturday - Planning/Discussing/Hacking
  • Sunday - depart


  • telepathy-logger
    • possibly use text from the logger in the text-ui
  • call ui
  • plasmoids
    • plasma-active integration
    • possibly use the tp-qt4-yell conversation model for the qml text ui
  • tubes
    • status of tubes apis in tp-qt4
    • krfb & krdc integration
  • nepomuk integration
    • status of nepomuk service / nepomuk-enabled contact list
    • nepomuk action files
  • central kded service
    • approver
    • disconnection messages
    • handle subscription requests
  • get stuff in spec/mc/tp-qt4
    • network manager integration
    • global presence
    • refcounting clients
    • method to set preferred handlers in mc
  • auth handler
  • preloading
  • FooConfig.cmake
  • filetransfer handler
    • Testing and bug fixing

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