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BOF Agenda

  • 0.4 Review
  • Do we care about irc or not?
  • Goals for 0.5
  • KTp Active?
  • KPeople and PIM Integration


We have plenty of time outside the BOF, so these are things that we want to hack on/plan.

  • Spending the beer fund.
  • Papercuts session. We meet up in a corridor and point out all annoying things currently in KTp. No fixing, just discussing in small groups of anything that sucks.
  • DelegateChannels in tp-qt
  • Debug GTalk MUC bug
  • .desktop files for tube apps (and not only)
  • Usability issues
  • Debug interface - debug viewer
  • KSNI/App Indicator integration
  • Call Ui dialpad/history window

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