Component Overview

Senior Devs who could happily take over maintainership at any time. They know all the code, regularly bug triage and do code reviews and maintenance on behalf of the lead maintainer.

Component Maintainer Senior Devs
ktp-accounts-kcm David E Martin K, George K, Daniele D
ktp-approver George K David E
ktp-auth-handler David E Daniele D
ktp-call-ui George K
ktp-chat-plasmoid Lasath Fernando Alex Pol, David E
ktp-common-internals David E, Martin K George K, Danielie D
ktp-contact-applet Francesco Nwokeka David E
ktp-contactlist Martin K David E
ktp-contactlist-applet David E
ktp-filetransfer Daniele D
ktp-kded-module Martin K David E, Dario F
ktp-kopete-protocol-telepathy George G?
ktp-kwhiteboard Daniele D David E
ktp-nepomuk-service Vishesh H
ktp-ontology Vishesh H
ktp-presence-applet David E
ktp-send-file David E Daniele D
ktp-telepathy-log-viewer David E
ktp-text-ui David E Daniele D
telepathy-logger-qt David E

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