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Welcome to the KDE Telepathy Development Wiki

Current Version: 0.9.0
     commits_spark.pngStats at ohloh.net


  • Tp:Approver which is a process that runs in the workspace and handles all channel notifications.
    • Perhaps a kded module?
  • Needs to have some registry of all installed handlers for each channel type. (will .client files and looking at the bus do for this?)
    • Client files need to be extended so that they contain a translatable string for the name of the handler.
  • It can probably register itself as an approver for everything. The CD will never activate an approver if there is no handler.
    • It is not clear how to handle the various types of tubes channels. Perhaps the .client files should contain extra information for the approver in this case.
      • Another choice is to specify that every tubes handler will have its own approver.
      • Experiment with krfb/krdc.
  • Should respect user preferences for preferred handlers for a given channel type.
    • This should somehow intersect with Tp::ChannelDispatchOperation::possibleHandlers()
  • Companion kcm module to allow the user to select default text channel handler, default voice channel handler etc...
    • Processes that only exist on the bus cannot be considered for the kcm, as we don't know whether they are available when the actual channel is dispatched.
  • Talk to sjoerd in #telepathy to make sure we implement this in a way that is as compatible as possible with how Gnome are doing it.


  • As a first step, implement an approver that approves text/call/file transfer channels and use only Tp::ChannelDispatchOperation::possibleHandlers() to select the handler.
  • Extend the spec to support the new features.
  • Implement the kcm that reads the client files and saves order preferences with kconfig.
  • Extend the approver to intersect the kcm's saved order of handlers with Tp::ChannelDispatchOperation::possibleHandlers().
  • Find out what to do with tube channels.


Status Task Developers
NOT STARTED Extend the telepathy spec to support our use case George Kiagiadakis <[email protected]>
IN PROGRESS Write the daemon itself George Kiagiadakis <[email protected]>
NOT STARTED Write the kcm module for configuring handlers George Kiagiadakis <[email protected]>

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