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This page is about planning and design of Telepathy's Chat Window

About Telepathy's new Chat Window


Maintainers: David Edmundson (d_ed) Close second in command : Dominick Schmidt (domme)

see code for email addresses

Getting involved

Bug/task list here: http://bit.ly/dLdd2W

Please mark something as assigned if you take on a task.

Reporting bugs

This component is open to reporting bugs, and any missing features that a standard normal chat program (like PSI) has. Make sure to select text-chat-ui as the component in bugzilla.

Crazy controversial ideas won't be considered for the first build.


Start a text chat using the telepathy-test-tool.

Design Decisions

Why not straight porting Kopete's window?

Kopete's Chat window is overly complex and deeply integrated with Kopete's internals, hence it is quite impossible to do a full porting without losing time and mental sanity. However, there are some things we can learn and even pick from Kopete.

Mistakes which we should not repeat

  • I'm all for modularity, but having a KPart for each component statically referenced in the core is possibly something we don't want to repeat
  • Think about the future: try having an higer level of abstraction and avoid using custom widgets wherever possible

Library reuse

Any public interface to the lib should be considered that it may have uses outside the application we ship. I intend for it to be easily placed into any application that uses telepathy.


Instructions on how to add themes to the chat window and a list of supported and unsupported ones.

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