KTp/Components/Accounts KCM Tasks

Outstanding tasks in the Telepathy Account Configure:

If you want any of these tasks, have a word in IRC, and then put your name next to it so we don't end up duplicating work.

Put in the review comments on the changes to make it compile with Tp-Qt4 (assigned to David Edmundson) (needs doing by Saturday!)

Reconnect account on parameters changing, or enabled status changing (asssigned to David Edmundson)

Provide useful feedback on account errors. (asssigned to David Edmundson)

Restyle account list to look all pretty. (need someone with awesome QPainter skills.)

Install protocol icons. (Assinged to domme)

Finish MSN (buttery) pluging advanced options

Add IRC configure plugin

Add Bonjour configue plugin

Add AOL configure plugin

Add Gadu-Gadu configure plugin

add Novell Groupwise configure plugin

Add ICQ configure plugin

Add mxit configure plugin

Add MySpaceIM configure plugin

Add Tencent QQ configure plugin

Add IBM Lotus Sametime configure plugin

Add SILC configure plugin

Add SIP configure plugin

Add Yahoo configure plugin

Add Zephyr configure plugin

A slight 'refactor' to put all the "generic account plugin" into a folder.

Put logic of "get plugin or generic accouunt plugin" into the plugin loader (or more likely a wrapper) such that it isn't in the account UI and that can assume it /always/ gets a configure widget. (assigned to David Edmundson)

Fix the issue with resizing the account configure plugins

Somehow fix the very fulgy button layout and whitespace issue in the account configure plugins.

Enable/Disable the "next" (or finish button) depending on whether required parameters are filled in.

Not technically in the accounts KCM but if anyone is good at plasma, they can try and fix the presence plasmoid. It has some layout issues.

Test Test Test Test

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