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'''''WARNING: Brain-dump on this page. Please take with a liberal pinch of salt'''''
==Design Notes/Features==
* KCM Module - can be reused in config dialog of any Telepathy using App to give a "configure accounts" option.
* Built in default auto-generated UI as a fallback for configuring any Connection manager.
* Plugin interface to provide prettier UI's for particular connection managers.
* Plugins for most important connection managers asap:
** Gabble
** Butterfly
** Salut
** Haze (mainly the more common protocols in Haze)
==Current Status==
Written, with a gabble plugin. HOWEVER, the design turns out to be a bit crap, and quite limited, so we need to refactor quite a lot.
TODO: Explain what's crap about the current design 15:36, 12 January 2010 (UTC)
Developed mainly by George Goldberg (Find me on IRC in #kde-telepathy as 'grundleborg' or email me: 'grundleborg googlemail com'.

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