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KTp/Beer Fund

This page serves as a recap for KDE Telepathy's beer fund policies and status.


Let me tell you a story, my children. One day a long, long time ago, David had a very stupid idea and decided to ask people to donate us money with the sole purpose of getting wasted. As with every stupid idea, it worked great, to the point where the money we got was actually enough to get wasted a legion. So, this page was born to keep track of the fund itself and to define some policies on its usage.

Fund policy

Here comes the fund policy:

  • All the money donated to that fund is guaranteed to be wasted in anything non-productive
  • The fund will remain valid lifetime
  • We'll roll over the fund to any meet-up (Akademy, Woshibon, FOSDEM, etc...) whenever needed
  • We'll take care of documenting any activity undertaken thanks to donations through blog posts
  • Even though beer remains the primary purpose, we reserve the right to use the beer fund money for other unproductive things which will always be promptly documented as described in point 4
  • We'd love to provide some small symbolic gifts to big donors

Next events


We'll be there, and we will drink. A lot.

Current status


Paypal donations:

  • $149 (held by David Edmundson)

Other donations:

  • 200€ (held by Dario)


  • FOSDEM (Friday Night) : 50€ (paid by Dario)
  • FOSDEM (Saturday Night) : 70€ (paid by Dario)
  • FOSDEM (Sunday Night) : 30€ (paid by Dario)
  • Akademy (Thursday) : 110€ (paid by D_Ed)


€50 transferred from Dario to David.


Dario: €0

David: $73

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