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=== Phase 2 ===
=== Phase 2 ===
Once phase 1 is complete, these are the other tasks that we should complete.
This section contains features that will *probably* be implemented once the first release has been made.

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This is a work-in-progress page! A lot of what is below is still pretty much BRAINDUMP. Edit with care.


Real time Communication has traditionally been a detatched feature of Desktop Computing, provided via stand-alone Instant Messaging clients with poor integration into the desktop experience. One of the primary goals of the KDE 4 series is to tighten integration between different components of the environment. The Realtime Communication and Collaboration (RTCC) project aims to tackle just this.

Our aims are:

  • To integrate Real Time Communication deeply into the KDE Workspaces and Applications
  • To provide a infrastructure to aid development of Collaborative features for KDE applications.

If you find these goals appealing, why not consider getting involved. C++ programming is *not* a necessity.

Technical Information

The RTCC project uses the cross-desktop Telepathy Framework as the basis for our work.

Getting Involved

At this stage, the best way to get involved is to contact the existing team, either on IRC (#kde-telepathy channel on irc.freenode.net) or on our mailing list.

The Work

What we need to get done. This is divided into two sections:

  • Phase 1 contains the tasks which *must* be completed in order for us to make a first release.
  • Phase 2 contains other speculative major features that we will probably implement once Phase 1 is complete.

Phase 1

These are the essential tasks which must be completed before we can make a first release. Adding or removing tasks from this list requires a consensus on the kde-telepathy mailing list first. Click on a task title for further information about that task.

Status Task Developers Source Code
IN PROGRESS Account Management GUI George Goldberg <grundleborg googlemail com> Web SVN Link
NOT STARTED Chat Window App Matt Rogers <>
NOT STARTED Logger Application
IN PROGRESS Buddy List App George Goldberg <grundleborg googlemail com>
NOT STARTED Desktop Wide Tp::Approver

Phase 2

This section contains features that will *probably* be implemented once the first release has been made.

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