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The user documentation for KPhotoAlbum is in the userbase wiki. There is also a project page on phabricator.

Active Git branches

  • master
    Current development branch
  • 5.x
    Branch tracked by Neon/stable.
    When master is in stable condition, it should be synced to branch 5.x.

Building KPhotoAlbum

How to contribute

Sending Patches

We accept patches vie email to our mailing list and via phabricator. To use the latter, we recommend using arcanist.


Please contact the KDE_Localization team. If you need help, you can also write an email to the mailing list.

Graphical design, logos, icons, UI improvements

Yes, please! We can always use a helping hand in this department. If you are interested in doing graphical design, or if you can help us with the user interface, please reach out to us on the mailing list!

How to do a release

Preparing a release tarball

Building a snapshot tar ball is rather straight forward. Install the releaseme building tool and run a command to generate the source package.

git clone git://
cd releaseme

To create the source package, run e. g.:

./tarme.rb --origin trunk --version 5.1 kphotoalbum

Steps for doing a release

  • Update CMakeLists.txt with the new version number you are just about to tag
  • Update the ChangeLog to mark the new release and add the key improvements to the list of changes, if they are not already mentioned in the ChangeLog
  • Update doc/index.docbook to reflect the new release (if the documentation has been updated)
  • Commit the last changes
    git commit -v -a
  • Tag the new release and push it out
    git tag -a -m "kpa 5.4 released" v5.4
    git push
    git push --tags
  • Create a tar ball of the released sources using the instructions on the following section (kphotoalbum.rb --version 5.4)
  • Upload the created tar ball to the incoming directory of using an FTP client. The current instructions of notifying administrators of the upload are shown when logging in to the FTP server. You create a ticket and provide SHA sums and some other information of the upload.
  • Add a new version to Bugzilla (, you have to have administrator rights to do this): Edit Products → KPhotoAlbum → Add version
  • Publish the release information (KPA's web site, mailing lists, distributor's bugtracking system, social media etc.).** Don't forget to post on the kde-distro-packagers mailing list, and make sure to mention any changes in dependencies.**
  • Create a video of the cool new features and publish it on Youtube. A nice tool for doing so is recordmydesktop. If you uploaded such a video, don't forget to add it to the Videos page on the homepage (cf. the README_new_video.txt file).
  • Notify people building the binary packages for different distributions

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