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This page contains some notes about the port of the mymoneymoney class to AlkValue (from alkimia).

Based on the forum, the general strategy is to derive MyMoneyMoney from AlkValue, such that

class MyMoneyMoney : public AlkValue {...};

In this way, most of the methods should be directly available, and others can be provided by MyMoneyMoney (such as the toDouble() method that is used by several classes).

This needs to be checked in order to avoid possible overflows.

Current status

  • Removal of m_num and m_denom from MyMoneyMoney class. Using inheritance from AlkValue. Class compiling ok. Starting unit testing the new class.
  • Dealing with String based constructor and its respective test.

- Apparently, AlkValue String constructor can not deal with "1,123.". It seems that the problem is caused by the "," in the converted string, which is not supported by the GMP mpq_class class.

Temporary fix: Copied the AlkValue string constructor to MyMoneyMoney class and eliminated the thousand separator.

Possible fix to the AlkValue class?

- string constructor of AlkValue class normalize the val, while old constructor does not. This caused failures in the mymoneymoneytest.

Check where the normalization (reduce method) is used on the code. Decide whether normalize in the constructor like the AlkValue or to leave like the old constructor.

Classes that include the mymoneymoney.h file

These classes may be directed affected by the changes.

  • converter/webpricequote.h
  • converter/mymoneyqifprofile.cpp
  • converter/mymoneygncreader.cpp
  • dialogs/knewequityentrydlg.cpp
  • dialogs/knewaccountdlg.h
  • dialogs/ksplittransactiondlg.h
  • mymoney/mymoneybudget.h
  • mymoney/mymoneyforecast.h
  • mymoney/mymoneymoney.cpp
  • mymoney/mymoneysecurity.h
  • mymoney/mymoneyscheduletest.cpp
  • mymoney/mymoneysplit.h
  • mymoney/mymoneytransaction.h
  • mymoney/mymoneystatement.h
  • mymoney/mymoneymoneytest.cpp
  • mymoney/storage/mymoneystoragesql.h
  • mymoney/mymoneyfinancialcalculatortest.cpp
  • mymoney/mymoneyaccount.h
  • mymoney/mymoneyprice.h
  • plugins/printcheck/numbertowords.h
  • reports/reportstestcommon.h
  • views/kscheduletreeitem.cpp
  • widgets/kpricetreeitem.cpp
  • widgets/kmymoneyedit.cpp
  • widgets/registeritem.h
  • wizards/newinvestmentwizard/konlineupdatewizardpage.cpp
  • wizards/newinvestmentwizard/kinvestmentdetailswizardpage.cpp
  • wizards/newuserwizard/knewuserwizard.cpp
  • wizards/newloanwizard/additionalfeeswizardpage.cpp

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