Feature Plan for version 4.6 of KMyMoney

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  • AlkValue
  • Budget revamp
  • Performance of the ledger
  • Reports internal structure revamp


Budget revamp (Alvaro)

  • Make budgets rolling (no longer year-specific) and have 1 on the list be the default budget
  • Add assets and liabilities to budget
    • The user should enter the net variation for each account
    • The reports will have to be adjusted for this. Probably separate budgets at first
    • Variation on assets and liabilities count toward net variation
  • Advice whether budget is feasible: incomes should at least match expenses and net worth variation
  • Perhaps try to make the budget list dockable, as it won't be used much and it would be best to hide it or shrink it. Leave more room for the actual budget data

Report structure(Alvaro)

  • Port to a nested structure, to match the account hierarchy
  • Use a QAbstractModel?
  • Allow reports to have an arbitrary level of detail, with subtotals for each level

Transaction Form Updates

  • The current design should be freed from some legacy design decisions that are no longer relevant
  • View/Edit widgets are clumsy
  • Transaction type tabs could be made into a combobox
  • Investment transactions complicate the form
  • Transition auto-fill to an MVC architecture
  • Implement tags and transaction templates
  • Before starting on the above, we need requirements capture and a solid design, so that all developers understand the vision for this key piece of the code.

AlkValue (Thomas)

  • Make sure we have libalkimia ready and integrated
  • Update testcases

Balance cache update (Fernando)

  • Move balance cache from storage layer to MyMoneyFile layer
  • Update/add related test cases

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