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Major tasks to next stable release

  • Update documentation
  • String freeze for translation
  • Bug triaging - including updating docs where necessary
  • Online transfers
  • Fix crashing bugs
  • Move to kmymoney.kde.org?
  • Fix EBN remarks
  • Fix msvc, clang compiler warnings
  • Update artwork
  • Update screenshots for documentation
  • Update the what's new page
  • Set minimum KDE version required to 4.7 (or even 4.11)
  • Compile release notes
  • Prepare article for dot.kde.org

Things we don't do in the next stable release

  • Major overhaul of the UI
  • Rework workflows where necessary

Features in future releases

All items on this list are wishlist items. We don't give any reassurances on whether we are going to implement them or not.

  • Schedule ids on transactions?
  • Online transfer of funds (via AqBanking)
  • Import CSV file via plugin
  • Streamline general statement interface and change OFX, QIF, HBCI and CSV plugins to use it consistently
  • Improve transaction matcher to cover more use cases
  • Improve investment support
    • Allow transaction in the investment account
    • Full support for online statement processing
  • Improve QIF importer to allow better conversion from other apps
  • Improve database backend
  • Improve treatment of transfer transactions (GUI/Dialogs with dual payees,No & Memo, Reports on transfers)
  • Data entry through Transaction Templates (with formulae)
  • Improve Business support (VAT, stocks, AR/AP)
  • Loans revamp (including different interest of arrears)

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