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* Fix crashing bugs
* Fix crashing bugs
* Move to kmymoney.kde.org?
* Move to kmymoney.kde.org?
* Fix EBN remarks
=Features in future releases=
=Features in future releases=

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Major tasks to next stable release

  • Update documentation
  • String freeze for translation
  • Bug triaging - including updating docs where necessary
  • Online transfers
  • Fix crashing bugs
  • Move to kmymoney.kde.org?
  • Fix EBN remarks

Features in future releases

All items on this list are wishlist items. We don't give any reassurances on whether we are going to implement them or not.

  • Tags?
  • Schedule ids on transactions?
  • Online transfer of funds (via AqBanking)
  • Import CSV file via plugin
  • Streamline general statement interface and change OFX, QIF, HBCI and CSV plugins to use it consistently
  • Improve transaction matcher to cover more use cases
  • Improve investment support
    • Allow transaction in the investment account
    • Full support for online statement processing
  • Improve QIF importer to allow better conversion from other apps
  • Improve database backend
  • Improve treatment of transfer transactions (GUI/Dialogs with dual payees,No & Memo, Reports on transfers)
  • Data entry through Transaction Templates (with formulae)
  • Improve Business support (VAT, stocks, AR/AP)
  • Loans revamp (including different interest of arrears)

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