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== Development guidelines  ==
== Development guidelines  ==
The repository to use is the one in KDE SVN.  
The repository has now been moved to [https://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/office/kmymoney/repository KDE Git].

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This is the community page for the KMyMoney project.

Development guidelines

The repository has now been moved to KDE Git.


Blocking issues

No blocking issues at the moment

Krazy warnings

Also, here you have the KrazyEBN report, which reports common issues on the code. Krazy Report


Look in bugs.kde.org for unresolved kmymoney4 issues

Mailing list

https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kmymoney-devel. Use it to discuss issues related to the port to KDE4.


Alvaro Soliverez is coordinating the KDE4 effort. You can reach me at asoliverez at gmail.com or on IRC under Hei_ku in the #kmymoney channel. Alternatively, you can contact Thomas Baumgart on the developers list.

People involved

  • conet
  • asoliverez
  • tbaumgart aka ipwizard
  • fvilas
  • tonyb
  • ostroffj

(Contact the coordinator if you are willing to contribute)

New Features


The project currently has no costs, and therefore has not setup a unified way to collect donations. Each individual developer provides a way to receive donations, which will be used project-related or for leisure (which, in turn, helps the project. After all, a happy developer writes better code, right?).

Thomas Baumgart:

Amazon wishlists (in different countries):

Alvaro Soliverez:

Fernando Vilas:

Cristian Onet:

Tony Bloomfield:

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