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KIO GDrive/Privacy Policy

The KDE PIM community is committed to protecting the privacy of all users of its software. Sensitive information like user names and passwords is only used to perform the core functions of the software - view, create and delete Google Drive files. No personal information is sent to or shared with third parties, however, some 3rd party services may collect various information about user's activity and interaction with the service - make sure to consult privacy policies or those services.

This privacy policy document is to clearly state and provides information on what, how and why personal data or information is collected, used and disclosed when this software is utilized and the choices you have associated with that data.

The objective of this policy document is to provide an open environment between developer and users of this software by openly stating what information the developer collects or not. This Policy applies to this software and the developers would not be held responsible for the content or privacy practices on any third party app not operated by the developer to which this software links or that links to this software, therefore it is advisable to read up the privacy policies of third party services that may be linked to this software.

Permissions and Access to 3rd party services

KIO GDrive allows the user to synchronize their personal information with remote 3rd party services. KIO GDrive ensures that the information is exchanged in a secure manner, but it has no control over how the remote service treats their data. The user should study the Privacy Policy of the service as well.

Google Services

KIO GDrive provides integration with Google Drive services. Read below for detailed explanation of what data KIO GDrive requests from Google and what it does with those data.

Google Sign-in

KIO GDrive and its components will use Google Sign-In in order to obtain access to content stored on a user's Google Drive account. The information obtained from the Google Sign-In include user's real name, email address and picture and are stored locally on the user's computer to allow the user to more easily identify their Google account among other locally created accounts. Additionally, the Sign-In process provides the software with OAuth tokens which are used by the software to authenticate its requests to other Google services. The tokens are stored locally in KWallet.

Authenticating against Google and using KIO GDrive means data are being exchanged with Google servers and Privacy policies of Google and individual Google's services apply. KIO GDrive makes sure that the exchanges with Google servers are securely encrypted and that only the data that the user has selected is exchanged with Google.

If the user does not add their Google account to KIO GDrive, no information is exchanged with Google by KIO GDrive at all.

Google Drive

KIO GDrive (through Dolphin or other KIO-enabled application) request full access to user's Google Drive in order to allow the user to browse their Google Drive files from the comfort of the aforementioned software without having to go to the Google Drive web interface. Unless the user explicitly copies a folder or a file from Google Drive to their hard drive, all data remain stored only on Google Drive and are not cached or stored locally on the user's computer. The software will never access, create, modify or delete content from user's Google Drive account without user's interaction.

The contents of user's hard drive or other file-sharing services (e.g. NextCloud, Dropbox, etc.) are never exposed to the user's Google Drive or shared with Google unless the user explicitly copies them into the Google Drive.


KIO GDrive is developed in good faith and for general use. The developers will not be held accountable for how users decide to use this software and will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of the software.


Contributions to this project are welcomed. Contributions, suggestions or bug reports and fixes can be made by opening tickets on KDE Bugtracker or submitting patches to KDE Phabricator

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or any other issue relating to the KDE PIM project, please contact us here.

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