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KGet 2.5 (in KDE 4.5)

  • Implement transfersRemoved/Added signals with a QList as parameter (unhack r1064328)
  • Better error-handling for transfers, using a setError() method -> discuss this with the whole team
  • Something like a filesizechecker, which informs/warns the user if there's no space free on the disk

General ToDo


  • MultiSource Downloading
  • Add Advanced Details support

User Interface

Main View

  • Add advanced details area (show chunk view, peer view, file view, statistics view etc...). Use tabview to display multiple views.
  • Add a coloured band over the mainview displaying the currently display items. For example if I select "Downloads" from the sidebar it should display "Downloads". If instead I select a specific group <groupname> it should display "Downloads - <groupname>"
  • Add valid download time frame, global or individual.
  • Show average transfer speed when finished


  • Re-import the sidebar. Might be a tree-view.
  • Add a "Finished" item. This will point to the downloaded files.
  • Add a popupmenu to add or delete groups by right-clicking on them.
  • Implement the selection of a specific group. In this way selecting a group from the sidebar should display only its transfers.
  • Make the sidebar capable of several sizes for its items (16, 22, 32, ...)


  • Show downloading progress, if multiple downloads are going, show each for 1 or 2 seconds.


  • Implement progressive filling of the icon in the system tray.
  • Use KPassivePopups to notify when all the transfers have been downloaded.



  • Ask the user if he/she wants to delete the transfer (or probably if he/she wants to delete the tmp-file)?
  • Let the user add new download-sources to a multithreaded transfer manually
  • Handle the situation when we remove a group which has transfers.
  • If user resume a download and find the disk space is not enough, implement a option which can move and continue the transfer to another user-specified place.
  • Add a wizard on the first app execution, where the user can set his download folders and other "vital" settings like the integration with Konqueror. Perhaps we could provide a good default like ~/downloads/.
  • Check there is enough space left before downloading file
  • Proxy-support, not global, only for kget (we need to wait for kdelibs)
  • Right-click menu to change transfer properties (filename, destination directory, url)
  • Add option to show newtransferdialog on top, using activiateWindow(). (DONE)


  • Profile kget and look for possible optimizations, done for:
    • Removing multiple/single transfers
    • adding (== loading) many transfers
    • starting/stopping many transfers
    • ... further improvements there most likely still possible
  • Make KGets handling of many downloads smarter, (maximum number of open connections per server).
  • Recursion and other wget features.



  • Save referer page for downloads.
  • Preserve timestamp of downloaded files (as option)


  • Fix crashes in Advanced-Details


  • Fix thread related issues.
  • Polish youtube downloader.
  • Prepare to write megaupload/rapidshare downloader.
  • Write the baidu mp3 downloader (long term).